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Elkhart Lake - Road America "BRIC" Historics
Brian Redman International Challenge
July 18-21, 20002
Peter Kitchak 3d in Small Bore Enduro ... no results published
Kitchak 3d in Group 8  ...   Results
Kitchak qualifies 2nd for Can Am feature... Dnfs Race ...     Results
Kitchak 5th behind Trans Ams etc in Group 1 in RSR   Results
Other Cars do "Ok"




Race Report -

By Peter Kitchak

Road America is always the favorite race of the year for both Jim and  me.  Its close, we always have a lot a friends there, the organization, notwithstanding 400 cars, is good, and the fans are terrific. This year was no exception.  But it is always Hot. Really hot.  Imagine driving a race car in the middle of summer, temperature over 100 degrees and you are dressed in long underwear, a snowmobile suit and you are working hard.  But we manage. This year we had everything. A good paddock spot. Great crews.  Thanks RM Motorsport and Moorespeed. Lots of  food, beer and brats and lots of hot weather.

Hero of the Weekend Award - Todd Hoeft and the Moorespeed Crew.

This year it was Todd Hoeft and the Moorespeed Crew that got my 69 911 going for practice on Friday Morning.  The car was banged up at Virginia International the weekend before  and needed a new rear fender, a new front fender, new bumpers on both ends and paint.  Starting in the grass in the truck staging area in Wednesday after they arrive, they worked late on Wednesday and Thursday and painted the car in the paddock on Thursday evening.  They assembled in on Friday morning early and we made the first practice. 

The Cars and Results

This year I took three cars to race and one to show.  We were racing the 69 Porsche 911 2.0 liter car; the 1973 Toad Hall Porsche RSR and my 1969 Lola T-70. Jim had 4 cars ready to race, the Nissan World Champion GTP Prototype, the Lola T-70, the Lola T-192 ex Mark Donohue Formula A car and the 2 liter BMW powered Lola T-296.  I also took my 1973 Martini Porsche RSR for the concours. To me, the most important race of the weekend was the Can Am race.  Although the T-70 was never a regular top level contender during its day we were confident that we could be competitive even though its development stopped short of the M8 and M12 McLarens, The Shadow and the Porsche 917-30.  

Lola T-70 Can Am. The car ran great much of the weekend, but we had a bit of a problem with the gear box.  It occassionally would stick in gear between 3d and 4th and wouldn't go anywhere.  Nevertheless, after a bit of work on the setup I reached my goal of getting down to 2:10. While that was the goal, I didn't really expect to get there, particularly because the cars in the real Can Am days with Dennis Hulme and Bruce McLaren would get around Road America in 2:12s.  Nevertheless, we finally got to a 2:10.9 in the qualifying and were 2d on the grid behind the 1,000+ Hp Porsche 917-30. Just a note.. we are not using the really modern radial tires on the car and still use 15" wheels with Goodyear crossply tires. Unfortunately they do not have radials in our size.  Certainly the compounds are a bit better today, but the tire construction and the suspension is almost identical to the way they ran the cars in the late 60s.At any rate, we qualified 2nd, and stayed in 2nd for the entire time until the transmission locked up for the second time during the weekend, one lap after the start.  Needless to say, I was not a happy camper.  But, that's racing.  We did well with the car and it certainly would have been fun to finish that race, particularly if we would have had a podium finish.

1969 Porsche 911, 2.0 liter. 

We crashed this car the previous weekend, not bad, but bad enough to be a problem.  Todd Hoeft from Rochester, MN who has worked on a number of our cars as they have been built and modified over time, came to Elkhart to help redo the body and he, together with the Moorespeed guys did a great job.  I arrived at the track on Thursday morning and they were already at work on the the paddock. They worked all day on Thursday splicing a new rear fender on the right side and fitting a new front fender. They also had to repair some suspension pieces, an oil cooler and some of the lighting.  A new front and rear bumper was shipped from GT Racing during the week and everything was pretty much ready to go.  Only problem was painting.  They painted the car and all of the parts in the paddock on Thursday the rain.  But what a job!  I am really proud of those guys. Any other crew would have just put the car in the transporter and taken a month to fix it after the race weekend was over.  They did it in two days! Fresh paint was dried and the car was assembled between 6:30 AM and 8 AM of Friday morning. We made the Friday morning practice session at 8AM and we were ready for the weekend.  Later that day we had the only enduro of the weekend. We started 8th and finished 3d. We had the fastest pit stop of the crowd and were only beaten by a much faster (read much bigger motor) 911 and a MGB.  I am not quite sure how you get 250 HP out of a MGB, but the guy was unbelievable.  Our motor is about as good as you can get in a 2 liter.  Titanium rods and valves, 12:1 compression and 210+ HP.  I would pass the MGB almost every lap in the back and he would pass me again on the front straight.  I just couldn't shake him.  He would slow me down in the corners and I couldn't do anything about his straightaway speed which was awesome.  But we were satisfied with a podium finish. Sunday's sprint race was similar. Another 3d place finish.  Two podiums in that car for the weekend was ok, particularly since we were so far behind midweek.  

1973 Porsche Toad Hall RSR. This was a one race affair after a number of practice sessions.  However this was a strange category. Everything that didn't fit somewhere else was in this class. I was looking forward to the race.  We were gridded 5th with my old friend Phillip Colin along side of me in has Fab Car tube frame Porsche.  He and I have had a number of great races over the years.  He and I both remember one particular one at Topeka, Kansas, probably about 1995 where we went door handle to door handle almost the whole race.  I think I won, but I wouldn't bet on it.  So here we were again, side by side on the grid.  In front of us it was a truly strange site. Two TransAm cars on the front row and two NASCAR trucks on the second row.  And by the way, they are really something.  They might not have the most aerodynamic bodies, but do they go.  They would go by us the the straight away going probably 25-30 MPH faster.  My RSR has just about 400 HP and they must have 700.  At any rate, we raced Philip for a while and he dropped back a bit.  I was running with all of the four front guys, but I couldn't pass them in the turns and they would just blow away down the front straight.  Then by the time we got back to turn 12-13-14 I was right back on their bumpers.  We had fun but it didn't really seem like racing given the mix of cars. We finished 4th at the end. A small consolation was that we beat all of the Porsches and all of the real sports cars.  Everyone in front of us was 650-700 HP V8 machinery.  

So, we got through the weekend with no damage, no blown motors and we will be able to get ready for Atlanta, our next race without any real big problems.